Trace elements

We specialize in trace elements. Trace elements in ratios from under 0,0001% (ppm) up to 100 ppm. For this we use atomic absorption spectrometry for analyses directly on solid samples. (Ref. The Analyst, Nov 1979: Determination of trace elements by direct atomisation.)

We are accredited for Pb and Bi in steel. We can also perform analyses of Hg, Cd, Ab, Se, Te, Zn etc (limitations depend on reference material).


Cinder, minerals and oxidic materials
Cinder- and oxidic material analyses are performed by two methods:
- fused beads, i e dissolving the oxidic material with Li-tetraborate bead
- pressing material in powder state into tablets
Substance ratio from appr 10 ppm and upward. Up to 32 elements can be handled.

We are accreditated for analysis of Iron Ore according to ISO 9516-1.

Qualitative analyses, scanning. Other elements are extra.


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