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Degerfors Laboratorium

Metal Analyses

We can analyse your samples of Fe-base, Ni-base, Cu-base, Co-base, Al-base, Ti-base...  More

Raw Material 

Analyses of Ferro alloys are mainly performed by re-melting in an HF oven, according to specially developed methods...  More

Trace Elements & Mineral

We specialize in trace elements. We do Cinder- and oxidic materialanalysis...  More


We perform radioactivity measurements for gamma radiation on metals and oxidic materials..  More

Degerfors Laboratorium has the largest range of chemical metal analysis and non-organic analysis. We are probably the fastest and cheapest laboratory in Scandinavia. We are accreditated under Flexible Scope.

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We receive samples up to 4 times a day. Bring your sample or send it by mail, postal parcel  or courier. The service we offer is the kind that makes you come again.

And again. As an independent laboratory we offer quality control for discretional analyses.

Send your samples and get the report the following day, or earlier.


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Degerfors Laboratorium AB
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Our prices are often 50% or more below others prices and nobody is faster than us. Price list

Courses & Consulting

OES-courses, XRF-courses, LECO-courses and Consulting.